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To transition us to a future with personalized regenerative medicine.​
With our unique stem cell differentiation technology, we work to discover new treatments for diseases and also make stem cell therapies safer and more effective.
We work to make regenerative medicine a reality for patients.
​​Revolutionizing medicine by transforming differentiation

Differentiation is a fundamental biological process that is central to human life and the development of many biomedical applications. Previously, to generate usable cells from stem cells, one had to recapitulate many of the normal developmental steps to get to each cell, leading to a very lengthy and often ineffective process. 

StemCellerant avoids these problems by bypassing many of the intermediate stages of differentiation to generate a much safer and effective result.

StemCellerant's patented technology is based on the discovery by its founders that allow stem cells to be directly differentiated to usable cell types.  This stem-to-terminal differentiation is called Accelerated Differentiation.

Combined with the Nobel prize winning discovery of Shinya Yamanaka on de-differentiation/ reprogramming to induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs), StemCellerant's technology provides a way to develop next generation stem cell therapies and drugs that will be the future for patients.




StemCellerant's long term goal is to help make personalized regenerative medicine a reality.  Towards this end, we seeks investors who wish to work together with us towards this vision. Strategic investors, institutional investors, pharmaceutical companies, foundations, and families - we welcome the opportunity to work with you.
Past funding sources include the NIH and Harvard's Blavatnik Biomedical Accelerator.



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